Thin Cut Veneer

Thin cut veneer, by definition, weighs less than 15 pounds per square foot. This means that thin cut veneer can be used on interior walls where weight is an issue. All thin cut natural stone is sawn to approximately 1 inch thick. All of the thin cut stone that we carry at North Ga Stone comes in 100 sq ft pallets. If you do not need a full pallet, then we will break a pallet and sell it in 10 square foot increments to meet your needs.

We carry an array of styles and colors of natural thin cut veneer.

We try our best, but we do not guarantee color, texture, or size of any natural stone products and may not be able to match product from previous orders. Natural stone is made in nature, therefore it can be quite difficult to get the same exact product every time. The best way to order natural stone is to pick it out in person so that you get exactly what you want.

Visit our showroom in Blairsville, Georgia.

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