Stack Stone

Stack stone is commonly used to build small retaining walls, water features, seating walls, fire pits, and other hardscapes. Thin stack can be used as a veneer on walls and fire places. Medium Stack can be dry stacked to build a small retaining wall. Also, medium stack can be split so that it can be used as a veneer. This process is labor intensive, but it brings out a lot of natural colors that are not seen from the outside of the stone. Long thick stack is very popular for retaining walls and edging areas like flowerbeds and driveways. When mixed with finger boulders, long thick stack can make a beautiful retaining wall or edging.

Coverage: Actual coverage of material depends on many factors. The below numbers are just estimates.

Thin Stack – 35 sq ft per ton
Medium Stack – 30 sq ft per ton
Thick Stack – 25 sq ft per ton
Long Thick Stack – 45 linear feet per pallet (approximately)

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