Manufactured Stone

Manufactured Stone, sometimes called stone veneer, is used as a protective and decorative covering for vertical walls and surfaces.  Manufactured Stone is made to replicate natural stone and can be called many different names, including: artificial stone, Synthetic stone or man-made stone.


Here at North Ga Stone we carry Centurion Stone.  You can visit their website at to check out all of the different styles and colors that are available.  We also have a great showroom in our office that displays the most popular styles of stone that Centurion has to offer.


Pricing                                                     Retail

Ledge flats                                                 $4.20/sq.ft.

Stack flats                                                  $4.20/sq.ft.

Rubble flats                                               $4.20/sq.ft.

Palos Verde flats                                       $4.20/sq.ft.

Corners                                                      $7.00/lineal foot


**Prices are subject to change


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