River Rock

River rock is a good product to control erosion, create dry river beds, water features, or accent your flower beds.  We have 5 sizes of palletized river rock: 1-3 inch, 3-5 inch, small, medium, and large.  In addition, we carry a 4-10″ river rock in bulk.   The river rock that we carry comes out of North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia.


Prices                                            Retail

1-3″                                                    $166/ton

3-5″                                                    $166/ton

Small River Rounds                       $166/ton

Medium River Rounds                  $158/ton

Large River Rounds                       $158/ton

4-10″ Bulk River Rock                   $89/ton


***The palletized river rock comes in 1 ton pallets, so the price per ton=price per pallet.

Prices are subject to change.


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